Trezeguet Supports Dybala to Win Ballon d
[ 09-10-2017 ]
Trezeguet Supports Dybala to Win Ballon d'Or | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - David Trezeguet supports his junior at Juventus, Paulo Dybala, winning the Ballon d'Or. Dybala called have the right attitude to support his sport betting talent. Dybala is often regarded as one of the best young talents nowadays. Since joining Juventus in 2015, the 23-year-old is judged to show maturity. Together with Juventus, Dybala won the Scudetto in the last two sport betting seasons. His contribution scoring 19 goals in his inaugural season with Juventus in Serie A and 11 goals in last season. This season, Dybala has even made 10 goals. After bringing Juventus to the Champions League final last season, Dybala is expected to be the protagonist at the club for the upcoming sport betting seasons.

Trezeguet personally saw Dybala as a player who had the material to win the Ballon d'Or. "Dybala can win the Ballon d'Or, because i think he shows the right character," he told ItaSportPress. "I often hear the comparison between Dybala and Messi, but i think that comparison is important to him and helps him to grow," added the Frenchman was quoted by Football Italia. Trezeguet also commented on Gonzalo Higuain who was recently highlighted. Higuain was reserved in two matches by Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri because of his performance assessed decreased.

But in two online sport betting matches, Higuain could even prove himself by contributing one goal and one assist. He finally returned to play as a starter and appear full when Juventus offset Atalanta 2-2 in the latest game, by scoring one goal. "He has been very consistent throughout his online sport betting career and you can know how to win a champion from his toughest times. He looks better physically lately and this means he still wants to train hard and show what he can do," said Trezeguet. "Maybe spend some time on the bench to help him, but now Juventus need to increase in a online sport betting team," he said.