[ 09-04-2018 ]
Marquez's defense | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Marc Marquez defends himself in his sport betting incident with Valentino Rossi in MotoGP Argentina. Although confessed wrong, Marquez said what he did was not something crazy. Nudge between Marquez and Rossi became the most talked about sport betting topic after the race at Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, exceeding the victory of Cal Crutchlow in the sport betting race. When the race leaves four laps, the two riders are fighting for the sixth position. Marquez tried to get past Rossi at Turn 13 from the inside, but nudged the Italian rider into the grass area.

Rossi also fell and showed an angry reaction, while Marquez continued to drive despite showing apologize gestures. Rossi is still able to continue the race after the incident. But, he lost many positions and finally just finish in 19th position. Meanwhile, Marquez who finished fifth place was sentenced to a 30-second penalty for "driving frivolously" in an incident with Rossi. That penalty made him sag to the 18th position. "With Valentino, I do not think I'm doing any madness, I mean, I'm on the corner trying to understand the track conditions." Marquez said.

"Of course the online sport betting racing line is dry, but I touch the wet area, the front is locked, take off the brakes. Okay, I did nudge (with Rossi). I tried to turn, and then when I saw him fall, I tried to apologize," said Marquez quoted "But if you check, Zarco with Dani, Petrucci with Aleix ... I mean, it's a tough online sport betting day, but it does not matter, I'm trying 100% and of course it's a tough Sunday," he added. Nudge with Rossi is not the only Marquez incident in Argentina. Repsol Honda rider had previously nudged Aleix Espargaro. Fortunately, Espargaro did not fall. Due to nudge with Espargaro, Marquez was sentenced to down one position in the online sport betting race.