MotoGP Cuts Racing Duration in Numerous Series | Sport Bett
MotoGP Cuts Racing Duration in Numerous Series | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 14-02-2018 ]
MotoGP Cuts Racing Duration in Numerous Series | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - A number of 2018 MotoGP races of the 2018 season will be cut in duration. This is part of the transition to generalize the sport betting duration of the race throughout the season. MotoGP plans this transition to run in two years, with the last change being implemented in 2019. This change is made to maximize the organization of the arena and provide the broadcast station broadcast sport betting program television better. Because of limited fuel and machine use in the primary class, it is impossible to increase the duration of the race in a series. Therefore, the choice is to reduce the duration in some series, so in the end the sport betting duration of each race becomes the same.

There are a total of seven series in the MotoGP class that will be reduced the number of rounds. Five series are cut one round, with the other two each shortened two and three rounds. The Austin, France, Catalunya, Czech and San Marino series will be shortened by one round. Jerez series was cut two laps and Valencia get the most cuts, ie three rounds. Cutting duration also applies in Moto2 and Moto3. In Moto2, the Austin series, France, Catalunya, Germany, Czech, San Marino, Japan, and Malaysia will be shortened one round. While in Jerez and Valencia cut two laps.

For Moto3, the Austin series, Jerez, Catalunya, Czech, Aragon, Malaysia, and Valencia are one shorter round. Only the French series are getting two rounds cut. For Moto2 and Moto3 classes, further duration cuts will be made in the 2019 online sport betting season. While MotoGP will not experience longer duration shortening. There is also a regulatory update for the MotoGP class this online sport betting season. If the red flag is raised after the race takes 75%, the current position will be announced as the final result. While in the Moto2 and Moto3 classes, this does not change the existing rules. Because in this online sport betting class, if the race already took 2/3 of the round then the results will be announced.