Kyrgyzstan Win Aceh World Solidarity Cup | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 07-12-2017 ]
Kyrgyzstan Win Aceh World Solidarity Cup | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Kyrgyzstan beat Indonesia sport betting 1-0. With that result, Kyrgyzstan came out as champion of Aceh World Solidarity Cup 2017. Playing at Harapan Bangsa Stadium, Wednesday (6/12/2017) afternoon local time, Indonesia immediately attacked Kyrgyzstan defense since the first minute. However, Ilham penetration Udin Armayn failed to produce results after the ball sodorannya failed to resume sport betting teammates. In the third minute, Febri Hariyadi's turn to threaten the opponent's goal. However, again failed to bear fruit after the ball hard kick can be pushed over the sport betting opponent goalkeeper.

Slowly, Kyrgyzstan began to find its rhythm. They began to pose a threat to the Indonesian defense. Attack the visitors a new fruitful goal in minute 21 through Saliev Askarbek. Saliev managed to grab a cross from his left side of the cross. Kyrgyzstan are 1-0 ahead. Indonesia just returned to get a golden opportunity through a direct free kick executed Muhammad Hargianto. However, failed to bear fruit because the ball can still be pushed over goalkeeper opponent. Until the first half is over, Indonesia is still difficult to penetrate the Kyrgyz defense.

The Garuda Skuat is behind 0-1. At the start of the second half Indonesia got a threat from Kyrgyzstan through a free kick in the 48th minute. However, there was a little commotion in the face of goal because Indonesia goalkeeper Andritany Ardhiyasa got a boost from the opponent. Indonesia still have to struggle through the opponent's defense. Duel-a tight duel even often occur in the field midfield. Threat to Kyrgyzstan's new defense re-created Indonesia in the 73rd minute. Indonesia counterattacked through Osvaldo Haay which was forwarded to Ilham Udin, but failed and only fruitful corner kick.

Indonesia again got a chance to equalize the score in the 83rd minute through a free kick. His kick had hit the posse and hit the crossbar opponent. Until the online sport betting match was over, no additional goals are created. Kyrgyzstan managed to beat Indonesia with the score 1-0. The result prompted Kyrgyzstan to assert itself as the winner of Aceh World Solidarity Cup 2017 after collecting nine points from three matches. Indonesia just came out as runners-up with six points from the online sport betting results of two wins. Meanwhile, Mongolia and Brunei Darussalam who did not play his last game earned zero points from two online sport betting games.