[ 07-12-2017 ]
What's Less From Pogba? | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Paul Pogba is claimed to be one of the best midfielders in the world. But what is still less than the Frenchman's performance? This sport betting season, the performance of Pogba slightly disturbed. He had a long absence due to a hamstring injury, with only appearing in 12 games and contributed three sport betting goals and six assists. Most recently, Pogba has just been rewarded with a red card. He received it when Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-1, Sunday (3/12/2017). Pogba was supposed to perform well by contributing two assists in the sport betting game.

But eventually he must be expelled due to step on Hector Bellerin's feet. Pogba was punished in three games, including a Manchester derby against Manchester City (10/12). Losing it would certainly affect the game of the Red Devils. Ex-Liverpool midfielder Graeme Souness rate there is still less than the appearance of Pogba. Minus it is an understanding on his role in the field. "When he has the ball, there are many things he can admire, he is powerful, his technique is good, he can fool the opponent, he can poke the ball," Souness said as reported by the Independent.

"What I am questioning, regardless he will always be a top online sport betting player, is his understanding of the game. This is not me as a former Liverpool player criticizing the MU players. I think the same when he was a Juventus online sport betting player. That's the basic thing you learned in the youth team. is 24 years old and if he does not have it, he will not be able to play a big game by dominating the game, he has not got a basic understanding of his position, I can not see the online sport betting change, "Souness added.