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  • Carragher Apologize | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 12-03-2018 ]
    Carragher Apologize | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Jamie Carragher apparently can not withstand the sport betting emotions after Liverpool's defeat of Manchester United. The former Reds defender had to spit at MU fans. How come? Liverpool return home from trip to Old Trafford on Saturday (10/3/2018) night, with empty hands after two goals Marcus Rashford can only be repaid once through Eric Bailly's suicide goals. This defeat certainly feels painful for the sport betting players and also the fans remember Liverpool in high confidence visited MU headquarters. Liverpool now even have to go down to fourth position and failed to overtake his rival in second sport betting place.

    Meanwhile, this victory certainly brings excitement for MU fans who to the point of making one of the Liverpool legend out of control. It is Carragher who has to deal with MU supporters. Carragher, who returned from Old Trafford after his job as a Sky Sports commentator, advanced his car on the highway from Manchester to Liverpool. On the way, Carragher meets MU fans and his 14-year-old son. Incidentally MU fans provoke Carragher and also had immortalized in the video. Carragher who was out of control was caught on camera spit into the MU fans' car that later hit his daughter.

    The video was then uploaded and became viral shortly afterwards. Do not want the problem to go away, Carragher apologize directly through his twitter online sport betting account. "It's all completely out of my control and I've apologized directly to the family that night," Carragher said. "I was lured three or four times on the highway and they filmed it, I was out of control, but it was inexcusable," he continued. This online sport betting incident was allegedly able to make Carragher lost work on Sky Sports. It reminded the incident of Richard Keys and Andy Gray who online sport betting resign from the TV station in 2011 for harassing the assistant female referee Sian Massey. "The action is intolerable and we will solve it with Jamie," said Sky Sports.

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