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  • Sean to F1 at 2019? | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 15-09-2017 ]
    Sean to F1 at 2019? | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Sean Gelael is targeting Formula 1 in 2019. However, the sport betting condition is that he has a good result in the Formula 2 race next season. Sean is currently undergoing his second full season in F2, which was once called GP2. After defending the Campos team in the 2016 sport betting season, Sean joined Arden at the start of the season. Sean's performance so far was spelled up and down because it's more struggling with engine problems that make it often fail to achieve numbers. It was only in Monza race weekend yesterday, Sean able to finish fifth sport betting position in the feature race and sixth in the sprint race.

    Currently Sean is in 15th position standings with 17 points from nine series. With two draws remaining in Jerez as well as Abu Dhabi, Sean's chances of adding points remain wide open. There is news that Sean will change teams next season. This is mentioned in order to enlarge Sean's chances of reaching the pinnacle of his career that is racing on the Formula 1 trajectory. However, there is one unwritten requirement that Sean should fulfill in order to attract the big teams.

    Indeed Sean is now a Toro Rosso test rider, but it does not guarantee he will easily get into F1 online sport betting. Therefore Sean did not want to expect much related to his dream of getting into F1 because the online sport betting focus is to be consistent in the 2018 season and finish the top five. In this way, Sean's path to F1 would be wider. "Next year is still F2, God willing most likely to F1 in 2019 if the results are good," Sean told reporters at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Singapore this week. Sean Gelael will get off on the Formula 1 track this week. Although only online sport betting limited to free practice 1, there will be hundreds of fans witnessed the action of the 20-year rider.

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