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  • Zarco Push Motor to Finish Line | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 11-09-2017 ]
    Zarco Push Motor to Finish Line | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Johann Zarco suffered bad luck in sport betting MotoGP San Marino. He ran out of fuel and had to push his bike to reach the finish line. Zarco had to struggle to finish the race at Misano on Sunday (10/09/2017) night local time. Monster Yamaha Tech3 rider was forced to push his bike in the final sport betting moments. According to Eurosport, Zarco's action pushed the motor because the fuel in his vehicle runs out. The French rider also refused to think about who should be sport betting responsible for it. If there is no such problem, Zarco can actually finish in seventh position.

    However, due to push the motor, Zarco's position dropped far enough when touching the finish line. However, Zarco did not come home empty-handed. He still earned a point after finishing in 15th position. "I had a problem with fuel before the 11th corner, i tried to stay in the sixth gear and really use the bike at a minimum," Zarco said as quoted by Autosport. "It worked until the 14th corner, but the last two got worse. From the last corner i had to push the bike and run, and it was quite far away. There were two lines, the starting line and the finish line, and the finish line was really far away." Zarco said.

    Zarco's action got a standing ovation from the online sport betting audience at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. "It's good to have public support for it, we have to think that the MotoGP race is a show, so at least I'm giving the online sport betting show and they will not forget it," Zarco said. "This is something that should not happen, so we're disappointed, but in the end I got a point, better than nothing, nothing worse in life than a fuelless finish." With this one extra online sport betting point, Zarco now collects 110 points and is ranked sixth in the rider standings.

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