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  • Marquez Should Be Disqualified | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 10-04-2018 ]
    Marquez Should Be Disqualified | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - MotoGP watcher Carlo Pernat sees Marc Marquez should be disqualified in the next race. Following his brutal sport betting action on Valentino Rossi in Argentina. Honda Repsol rider was undergoing a horror race at the Circuit Termas de Rio Hondo, Monday (9/4/2018) pm dawn. After battling for the sake of reviving his bike that had broken down ahead of the start, Marquez also involved a serious incident with two other riders. First, the six-time world sport betting champion was beating Aleix Espargaro, although the Aprilia rider was still able to control the bike. However, events at the end of the race with sport betting rivals weight, Rossi, became the peak.

    Marquez forced to overtake from the inside of the Yamaha rider. Both then touch and equally widened. However, unfortunately, Rossi then fell after the bike touched the edge of the grassy track. He also had to finish 19, behind Marquez after getting a 30-second penalty. Pernat feels Marquez's punishment is not enough. Ex-rider Loris Capirossi was disqualified in the next race after nudging Marcellino Lucchi until falling shortly after the start of the 250cc class Italian series in 1999. Marquez judged worthy of a similar penalty.

    "Marquez is possessed, you can not understand what he is trying to do, he nudges Aleix Espargaro and just down one online sport betting position and then the 'sweetener' is a crazy and improper maneuver on Rossi, causing the last-mentioned rider to fall in. They punish Marquez with a penalty 30 seconds, but who gives online sport betting points to Valentino ?, " said Pernat in GPOne. "It's a shameful act, and now Marc is hostile to everyone and they're afraid of being knocked over by him. He can not do everything he loves Dorna should disqualify him for one online sport betting race and otherwise it will continue to haunt the rest of the competition this season, "he explained.

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