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  • Napoli has not given up on Scudetto | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 13-03-2018 ]
    Napoli has not given up on Scudetto | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Napoli must now be willing to descend from the top of the standings by Juventus shifted. But Il Partenopei has not given up on the Scudetto sport betting. Napoli just played a goalless draw Inter Milan at the Giuseppe Meazza, Monday (12/3/2018) pm dawn earlier. In the game that Napoli have many opportunities that are nine attempts, but only one on goal. Only one point sport betting would be detrimental to Napoli considering they are now second in the standings while Juve take over Serie A leaders after a 2-0 win over Udinese. This is so the first time Napoli came down from the top sport betting after last December.

    The Bianconeri with one game of savings now have 71 points, one point ahead of Napoli and may be able to increase if they beat Atalanta. Usually when it is at the top, Juve relatively difficult to shift and it is proven in recent seasons. Although his chances of winning the Scudetto difficult, Napoli reluctant to surrender and will try as much as possible until the end of the season to pursue it. "We did not look bad and had some good chances, especially in the second half, but in terms of focus and effort we were better than last week," Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri told Mediaset Premium.

    "If Juventus win online sport betting their entire match until the end of the season, then we will be amazed and watch them, we are not the richest club in Italy, we can keep pressing them," he continued. "Are we still convinced to win the Scudetto? We continue to believe that we can do our best online sport betting," concluded Sarri. Partenopei stayed second with 70 points, one point behind Juventus. They can be left further because Juventus still have one online sport betting match delay.

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