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  • Antiklimaks Dovizioso in Valencia | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 13-11-2017 ]
    Antiklimaks Dovizioso in Valencia | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Although small sport betting chance, Andrea Dovizioso expected to give fierce resistance until the end in Valencia MotoGP. But everything is so anticlimactic because he crashes. The glorious victory in Malaysia keeps Dovizioso's chances to win the 2017 MotoGP world sport betting champion title. The distance with Marc Marquez when it is indeed far, 21 points. But everyone believes anything can happen in a 30 lap race in Valencia. Dovi is considered able to do that. After all he's done an amazing thing this season: winning six wins when not many are not able to compete head to head sport betting with Marquez.

    But the glorious performance in the wet race at Sepang Circuit turned out to be the climax of Dovi this season. In Valencia, Sunday (12/11/2017) night he even anticlimaks. All started from the qualifying session. Need a victory to keep the champions chance to stay open, 31-year rider was only able to position nine. On the other hand, Marquez can be pole. During the race, Dovi can go straight to fifth position. But he was there even hampered his teammate himself, Jorge Lorenzo. Dovi made no move by Lorenzo for several laps.

    As Marquez widened and slipped to fifth position, luck seemed to have begun to side with Dovi. Moreover, he then rise to the top three after Lorenzo crashes. But session 2017 seems destined not to belong to the Italian online sport betting rider. Shortly after Lorenzo fell, he went out on the track. Trapped in gravel, he had trouble getting back on track. Dovi can eventually bring the online sport betting bike back to the track. But he did not continue the race. Dovi returned home to his warrant and was greeted by encouragement from his colleagues and bosses. Had seen hatching online sport betting tears, Dovizioso had to give up the title of world champion 2017 so Marquez.

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