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  • Montella Reply Criticism Berlusconi | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 12-10-2017 ]
    Montella Reply Criticism Berlusconi | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Former AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi briefly mentioned Vincenzo Montella regarding the selection of  sport betting players and captains. Montella did not hesitate to respond. At the end of last sport betting season Berlusconi officially released ownership of Milan to a consortium commanding Yonghong Li. Massive investment was then carried out by the Chinese group this summer. Berlusconi then criticized Montella for sacking Suso and Giacomo Bonaventure. In addition, Berlusconi seemed to object to Montella's decision to make new sport betting player, Leonardo Bonucci, as captain.

    Montella says that Berlusconi is free to argue. However, keep in mind, decisions that have been made must be respected. "Berlusconi can say what he wants, he has a right to it," the Milan coach told Gazzella dello Sport, who was quoted by Football Italia. "After all, his statements should be in context, while i, i will be fully listened to but this work is mine and the decisions i make must be independent. I like listening to suggestions, such as Berlusconi's suggestion. But i do not really like his advice in the past season." Montella said.

    In addition to offending online sport betting players, Berlusconi admitted that Montella was not the coach of his choice last season but Cristian Brocchi. Although highlighted for the inconsistent performance of the Rossoneri, Montella is still supported by the club. "Support from online sport betting management? I'm glad they support me, but (support) personally is enough," Montella direct. AC Milan confirmed his support for Vincenzo Montella. Derby match against Inter Milan this weekend was called will not be a determinant of the fate of Montella. Montella now is under pressure. He got the spotlight because Milan have lose three times in seven online sport betting games in Serie A.

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