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  • Sean Gelael New Helmet | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 14-09-2017 ]
    Sean Gelael New Helmet | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - This week Sean Gelael takes part in Formula 1 free practice session for the first time. Sean will be wearing a new helmet for this sport betting special moment. Sean as Scuderia Toro Rosso test rider got a valuable opportunity to experience how the free practice atmosphere of an F1 race. Singapore became the first time Sean got off at F1 where he will be performing at the sport betting Free Practice 1 held on Friday (15/09/2017) afternoon. It was the first free practice of four planned for Sean. The rest are in Malaysia, the United States (Austin), and Mexico sport betting.

    This moment is so special for Sean to remember he will feel racing over the F1 trajectory with top riders like Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen. Moreover, before this Sean is a test driver for Toro Rosso in Bahrain, Hungary, and later Abu Dhabi, which is certainly not the same as free practice. Therefore, in order to celebrate his special day, Sean also specifically designed a helmet that will wear in the free practice session Singapore. The helmet, which is dominated by red and white, was designed by JMD who has been a partner for Sean.

    There's a number 38 on the top of the helmet that shows Sean's number as long as it's behind the wheel of Toro Rosso. As well as the words 'Gelaelized' remain on the right and left side of the helmet as Sean's characteristic. "Actually the online sport betting helmet is similar to the previous helmet, there is a helmet design from JMD. So i and them want this helmet more patterned Indonesia online sport betting. There is pride to see Indonesian riders down in this free practice," said Sean. "The online sport betting problem of helmet technology is nothing different than in Formula 2. But in F1, the wing minority is shorter, depending on the car or F1 team. No different things are different," he continued. Sean himself not only use this new design for helmet in Singapore, but also in other FP at Malaysia, Austin, and Mexico.

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