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  • Messi Request Pjanic Yellow Carded | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 13-09-2017 ]
    Messi Request Pjanic Yellow Carded | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Lionel Messi look good when Barcelona crushed Juventus. In that sport betting game also he could finally goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. But there was also an intriguing yellow card incident. Before the sport betting game at Camp Nou on Wednesday (13/09/2017) early morning local time, Messi has never scored a goal against Buffon. However, Messi is also familiar with making new achievements. Two goals successfully printed Messi Juventus goalkeeper who escorted Buffon in matchday 1 Champions League 2017/2018. His first sport betting goal was scored in the 45th minute and Messi's second goal was born in the 69th minute, in a Blaugrana 3-0 victory over the Bianconeri.

    On the sidelines of both goals, exactly in the 54th minute when Barca still winning 1-0, there is one other incident involving Messi. Specifically, when he received a yellow card by referee Damir Skomina. It started when Messi was violated by Juventus player Miralem Pjanic. Messi is upset to ask Pjanic, who has committed two offenses in the first round, can get a yellow card. He also waved a hand like a hinted yellow card was raised to the Pomic Skomina. Messi is also seen to wrap a hand to the shoulders of the field court.

    However, Messi's online sport betting actions were overvalued by Skomina. Firmly, the Slovenian reffree also granted Messi's request to brandish a yellow card, though not for Pjanic but towards the Barcelona online sport betting star, responded by protests from the home players. Pjanic himself on the process really get a yellow card when the game entered the 75th minute. While Messi, as already mentioned at the beginning, scored his second goal against Buffon 15 minutes after yellow carded - may be more frustrated after get the yellow card online sport betting.

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