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  • An Important Victory for Marquez | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 11-09-2017 ]
    An Important Victory for Marquez | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Marc Marquez claimed to be satisfied with the second position before the sport betting race ended. However, on the last lap he ventured to take the lead. Throughout the race in MotoGP San Marino on Sunday (10/09/2017) night, Marquez continues to be behind Danilo Petrucci who leads at the forefront. The rider from the OCTO Pramac Racing team will appear to be his first sport betting win in the MotoGP class. However, when the race is about to enter the final lap, the situation changes. Marquez managed to overtake the pole position in the race on the wet track and came out as sport betting champion in San Marino.

    "I try to stay in control throughout the race, trying to control myself because I can be a bit faster - but I say 'okay, you have to be patient'," Marquez said as quoted by Autosport. "Then when I saw that we were starting to distance [Andrea] Dovizioso, I was thinking of staying in second place - but then on the last lap I said 'I'll try'." The decision to try to win the top podium can not be separated from the consideration of points. Marquez was displaced from the top of the pebalap after failing to finish in MotoGP England two weeks ago.

    "This online sport betting championship is very tight, five points can be a lot in the end. (With) these five points, in the end of the race in Valencia you will never know if you will lose or not," said Marquez. "So I tried, I pressed - it was a big risk, of course, If I fell, everyone would write 'he never changes, blah-blah', but this is my style. and I will continue to press, but of course keep trying to consider the online sport betting risks, "said the man from Spain. Through victory at Misano, Marquez now collects 199 points. Repsol Honda rider had to share the top position with Dovizioso who also collected the same online sport betting points.

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