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  • Rossi may still absent at Aragon | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
    [ 10-09-2017 ]
    Rossi may still absent at Aragon | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Valentino Rossi pulled over at Misano and may still be absent at Aragon. Yamaha was exploring a replacement sport betting rider and already have four candidates. Rossi is currently undergoing recovery after riding the operating table, following a motokros accident that he experienced. In addition to the race at Misano this week, there is the possibility he is still absent in Aragon on 24 September. In an interview reported by, Yamaha Racing Managing sport betting Director Lin Jarvis talked about the possibility of Rossi racing in Aragon and his potential successor in the race if he is still absent. "I must say there is no plan at the moment," Jarvis said of Rossi's chances back at Aragon. "Of course we have a plan to replace it because it must be so." According to the contract, after withdrawing a sport betting rider then within 10 days there is an obligation to replace it.The rule is very appropriate because the show must keep running. " continued Jarvis.

    "So we will propose a replacement rider for Valentino at Aragon.What Valentino will be to Aragon? I think he will only go there if he is sure he can go on the bike and race, not just go for it because it is not interesting I do not think he will go there if you do not feel able to compete for the top five or six. He will be able to race (in Aragon)? Look, the doctor says the recovery time will be longer (from the race schedule) but the sportsman is usually quite extreme We've had experience most extreme with Jorge Lorenzo. So that kind of thing is not impossible. But I think the situation is now slightly different from Valentino. He has the experience that will know exactly how his condition and when to return. " Jarvis continued.

    "Of course we will test him before Aragon, he will go on the motor (YZF) R1.What he will then race in Aragon? I do not know, depending on what he feels, the pain, Physiotherapy All things," he said. Jarvis then stated that Yamaha already has a picture of who would have replaced Rossi in Aragon. But he refused to give a leak who the figure of the online sport betting rider. "I already have a picture!" he said. "Not today!" Jarvis said when asked who the rider was. "Of course we have four online sport betting candidates who can replace him.There are two rider testers in Japan, namely (Katsuyuki) Nakasuga and (Kohta) Nozane.Then we have two riders, Alex (Lowes) and Michael (van der Mark). between the four riders and we will decide next online sport betting week, "said Jarvis.

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