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    [ 10-09-2017 ]
    It's time for Juve to focus on Barca | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

    TA888 - Juventus relieved to beat Chievo. Because the Old Lady can now fully focus to face Barcelona in the Champions League sport betting. Juve win over Chievo 3-0 at the Allianz-Stadium on Saturday (09/09/2017). Bianconeri goals came from the suicide of Perparim Hetemaj, Gonzalo Higuain, and Paulo Dybala. This victory makes Juve steady at the top of the standings with perfect points from three sport betting games. Furthermore, Juve will compete in the Champions League this midweek. Juve will face Barca at Camp Nou. Benatia rate sport betting victory over Chievo became a valuable to be able to focus on facing the Blaugrana.

    "The big step we took today, in the match that came between the international break and the Champions League, we finished it well and now we can turn our attention to Thursday's game," said Benatia on the club's official website. Benatia hope Juve can look neat slick, especially in the back line, throughout this season. He believes it will be the key to success to achieve the title. "You need a strong defense if you want to win the league and we are always determined to keep clean sheets, we have to make sure it can be as solid as tonight," he continued.

    "We have quality online sport betting players in the back who can do it and with existing front-line players, we always score either sooner or later." Finally, Benatia little talk about the formation ahead of facing Barca. He claimed not to know whether to apply the same scheme as last season, when getting rid of Lionel Messi et al. in the quarterfinals. "We managed to get away to Barcelona with two players in midfield last season but it is up to the online sport betting coaches to choose the formation and then we will adapt. I just have to focus on doing the job well clearly we are all happy to play on, but it is impossible you should be able to look good when called, we are all ready and we respect whatever the online sport betting coach decides when played then we have to prove it, "he concluded.

  • cara*** 8,380.00
    zgoh*** 12,560.00
    winer*** 10,000,000.00
    drew*** 8,740.00
    donisi**** 5,000,000.00
    tinaf*** 12,920.00